Thursday, 26 March 2015

Music for Licensing Will Safeguard Your Composition

All thanks to globalization, we’re living closer to one another, connected by internet and mobile technologies. Metaphorically speaking, our world has shrunk into a global village. This shrinkage had an immense impact on our culture, customs and traditions. Music was never to stay isolated from such events. Over a couple of decades, especially post late 90’s, the music industry has seen immense growth in many aspects. Many new genres and singers and artists have grown up to give a completely new dimension to our taste and preferences of our music.

We as consumers may be happy to have a variety of music to choose from, but to many artists, singers and music companies the era meant an inevitable danger to their compositions. Piracy remains the biggest threat of them all. Artists and music companies alike have incurred huge losses thanks to illegal piracy practices prevalent the world over. Of late, the copyright holders have come up with an easy and effective means to tackle the aforesaid problem. Music for licensing it is.

In the world of music licensing- music rights are bought and sold on everyday basis. This had a profound impact on the overall music industry. Profit margins for artists and music companies have gone up considerably. Good quality music is readily available for the general public at nominal prices. This in turn has helped different genres of music to gain popularity globally. Today, from iTunes to Tune-in, are all byproducts of music for licensing. From blues to hard rock, Beatles to Britney Spears have all taken the route of licensing their compositions to safeguard against piracy and increase profits without disappointing fans spread across the world. Music licensing has been in vogue for a long time now. It’s surely going to stay and certainly grow in leaps and bounds in decades to come. Music licensing is probably a hint of how music will be dished out to listeners without compromising on the concerns of the artists and lyricists.